Glass Tiles

Glass Tiles

Construction and Durability

Iridescent, translucent, and opaque designs reflect light in a way only glass can. Glass tiles are truly beautiful. Glass used to be viewed as merely a trendy fad, however, it has proven itself to not be going anywhere! It has officially earned a place in the interior design world. Glass tiles are regularly used in kitchen backsplashes, showers, bathroom wall tiles, feature walls, and bathroom floor mosaics. Some glass is even used as flooring but should be rated for that particular use.

Made to Last a Lifetime

Main types of glass tile include smalti, fused, sintered, and cast. Most glass surface treatments used are slumping and etching.

Smalti Glass Tile 
Often colorful and textured; ideal for artistic mosaics.

Fused Glass Tile
Often translucent with an opaque color layer visible underneath. Often treated with an etching or other coatings.

Sintered Glass Tile
Made by pressing glass powder into dies and then heating until the particles fuse. Tends to look uniform. Scratch-resistant finish.

Cast Tile
Made by placing chunks of glass in a mold and melting the pieces together, creating a layered look. Most tiles made with recycled glass employ this method.

Surface treatments

Slumped Glass
Possesses a curved or contoured shape.

Etched Glass
Involves the process of applying a translucent layer on the tiles’ surface.

Key benefits of Glass Tile:

  • Comes in many varieties and colors
  • Customizable options
  • Stain resistant
  • Easy to clean
  • Low maintenance
  • Distinct visual impact
  • Multicolored mosaic glass tiles also come in different shapes

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