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Carpet Selection

We offer a wide variety of carpet options!

Carpets come in a variety of fibers

Nylon, polypropylene, polyester, and wool are used in carpeting and each has its strengths. The right carpet selection for you depends on both your preferences and lifestyle.

Carpet Selection Materials:

Nylon is the most widely used carpet fiber. It’s soft while being strong, durable, and resilient. Its resistance to matting and wear means you won’t have a visibly worn carpet path, even in high-traffic areas. Nylon also shows color brilliantly. Though not inherently stain resistant, a stain-resist carpet treatment is applied to most nylons, which means they clean up well.

Polypropylene (Olefin)
Polypropylene in carpeting has increased over the past decade due to the popularity of Berber style loop carpets. Polypropylene is extremely resistant to stains, fading, and moisture. Polypropylene is colorfast because the color is added during production and not dyed later; this allows it to be cleaned with bleach. Polypropylene is also good for your wallet!

A versatile fiber, polyester offers exceptional softness, making it ideal for thick, pile styles. Polyester has color clarity and color retention and is also resistant to stains and fading. Polyester also boasts strength and abrasion resistance. An easy to clean choice, polyester resists water-soluble stains.

Soft, warm, and comfortable, wool is the preeminent natural fiber. Wool ages well and is easy to clean. An expensive fiber, wool is generally used in luxury carpets and area rugs.

Keep your carpet clean
Dirt can grind down carpet fiber, shortening the life of the carpet. A carpet pad makes cleaning more efficient by raising carpeting off the sub floor, providing an air space underneath that allows the carpet to breathe. When vacuuming, space allows more air to come up through the carpet, carrying more dirt along with it, making cleaning more effective.

We offer a wide variety of carpet options. Visit our showroom to view all of the options available.

We provide professional carpet installation services.


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