Carpet Options

We’re here to help.
We are here to help you choose the carpet that’s right for your home or business and we will handle the installation, too. Carpeting comes in many different materials, patterns, and – of course – colors!

When considering which carpeting is for you, in addition to the color motif of the room (though we can certainly help you with that too!) it’s important to think about your lifestyle and what material and pattern will serve you best. 

Keep your carpet clean
Dirt can grind down carpet fiber, shortening the life of the carpeting. A cushion makes cleaning more efficient by raising carpeting off the sub floor, providing an air space underneath that allows it to breathe. When vacuuming, space allows more air to come up through the carpeting, carrying more dirt along with it, making cleaning more effective.


When installing carpeting, consider including carpet padding.
Pad advantages include:


Longer lasting

Carpet pads help decrease pile crushing (the compression of fibers in high-traffic areas). The pad allows the carpeting to maintain its height so it looks new for as much as 50% longer.


Feels better

Every step you take creates hundreds of pounds of pressure per square inch on your carpeting. Padding (cushion) helps alleviate that pressure, making the carpeting feel softer.


Makes your room warmer

Pads improve carpet’s thermal insulation properties.


Oh, so quiet

Pads improve sound-absorption.

We offer a wide variety of carpeting options. Visit our showroom to view all of the options available.

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