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Quartz Countertops

Gorgeous quartz countertops!

Quartz Countertops

Want the natural beauty of a granite countertop but don’t want the hassle of maintaining it? Quartz countertops could be your answer! Almost everyone loves granite countertops, but almost no one likes the upkeep that comes with it. If you want a countertop made of natural stone but have a busy schedule that precludes you from properly maintaining it, quartz countertops are an alternative, beautiful in their own right.

A natural stone, quartz is one of the hardest minerals on earth. Cambria is an internationally-recognized brand that produces gorgeous quartz countertops. Whereas granite is made of 40 to 60 percent quartz, Cambria is comprised of 93 percent natural quartz.

Cambria never needs to be sealed or polished and because it is non-porous, moisture cannot penetrate the surface leaving behind bacteria. There’s never a need to cry over spilled milk with quartz countertops because Cambria is stain resistant. Its only demand is to be washed with warm water. In fact, like stainless steel, Cambria is certified by National Science Foundation (NSF). Specifically, it’s NSF 51, certified for food and splash zone use. That means it’s one of the most sanitary surfaces to prepare food on and it doesn’t emit harmful chemicals. For about the same price as granite, you can have a countertop that is not only magazine worthy, it’s easy to keep looking that way. At Designers’ Touch, we offer many popular and durable products, including Cambria.

We work with you on your project every step of the way – from selection and design to installation.

Key benefits of quartz countertops include:
  • Looks like granite
  • Durable (made from one of the earth’s hardest minerals)
  • Low-maintenance
  • Difficult to scratch or stain
  • Unlikely to crack
  • Heat resistant
  • Non-porous and anti-microbial (certified by NSF International)
  • Mold and mildew resistant
  • Stylish and modern
  • Offered in a variety of colors (120+ designs)
  • Cambria is the only producer of quartz surfaces in the USA
  • Limited lifetime warranty

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