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Stone Tile

Why choose stone tile?

Construction and Durability

Though stone has only been in mass production for 50 years, its material lends a traditional style with connotations of permanence. If you want something that lasts, stone tile is a classic go-to option.

At Designers’ Touch, we offer many popular and durable products, including stone tiles. Once you’ve determined that stone is right for you, there are a number of types of stone and different finishes to consider.

Types of Stone

A hard rock that comes in a variety of colors and patterns.

A smooth sedimentary stone. Its colors include neutrals: off-white, beige, tan, taupe, and light blue-grey.

When heat and pressure are applied to limestone, marble is created. Available in a variety of colors, marble’s veins are created by mineral deposits. Marble has the ability to be polished to a high shine.

Slate is composed of quartz, chlorite, mica, and calcite. It is available in various shades and is very durable.

Travertine is a banded form of limestone, formed in underground rivers and streams. Its characteristic colors include neutrals: off-white, beige, tan, and yellow. The look of travertine is created by the interaction of gas, shells, and water.

Key benefits:
  • Longevity
  • Durability
  • Comes in a variety of colors
  • Never goes out of style
Stone Finishes

A glossy finish that brings out the color of the stone. Recommended for marble and granite.

A smooth surface with minimal or no gloss. Recommended for limestone and travertine. Often used for commercial floors.

Creates a weathered or aged look. The stone is tumbled with sand, pebbles, or steel bearings.

Bush Hammered
A finish made by beating stone with a hammer that has a face with points used to create a rough surface texture.

Designers’ Touch Offers:

We provide professional tile installation services.


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