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Tile Installation

Should you DIY or leave it to the professionals?

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There are certain materials whose installation should only be left to professionals and others that are a matter of personal preference. It can be gratifying and satisfying to see the fruits of the work of your own hands when it’s a job well done – we would know! On the other hand, mistakes can happen and leaving it to the professionals can give you peace of mind.

Schluter System Certified Installers

Schluter-Systems is the largest and most innovative supplier in the industry. Our tile installers are Schluter System certified. Guaranteeing complete water proof solution for your showers, tub decks, and floors.


For some projects it’s doable. Tile installation can be intimidating but with the proper preparation, a DIY shower tile install can be completed within a few days. Once you complete your project, you will have saved money and gained a new skill. With a number of online resources available, installing tile is possible. Research ‘how to’ instructions and learn from the mistakes of others on web forums, YouTube, or just ask us!

It can be rewarding to save money and learn a skill; to work with your hands and look back at a job well done. It’s exciting to think that something you were previously intimidated to do is something for which you are up to the task. Years later you can tell your children and grandchildren you built it and they will be impressed! With the money you save, you could also buy more luxurious materials or start your next renovation project sooner than you had expected.


It costs you time. The disadvantage is that it’s time-consuming. If you’re busy you might start a project that sits there and never gets done, much to the annoyance of your spouse and family. Mistakes happen, but it wouldn’t be your problem If anything should go wrong, we are accountable for the mistake and financially obligated to cover the cost of correcting it. If you make a mistake installing you can sometimes spend more for a professional to fix it than you would have had to pay in the first place.

When you hire us, the work is under warranty. If you install something yourself and accidentally don’t follow a product’s protocol, the warranty can be voided, possibly costing you money in the future. Professionals have more experience. Foundations shift, so sometimes they must be leveled before work can begin. Walls aren’t always built straight, either. Installers know how to repair crooked walls before installation so that the tiles don’t pop out of place.

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