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Hardwood Flooring

Why choose hardwood?

Construction and Durability

The beautiful thing about solid hardwood flooring is that it’s very durable and can be refinished multiple times throughout the life of the floor. Unlike other flooring options, Hardwood is made up of one full piece of natural wood from top to bottom, which adds value and a vintage appeal to your home. Its durability is perfect for high traffic areas, and its clean, polished finish is sustainable at or above ground level. A typical solid hardwood plank is about 0.75 inches thick, however, it’s not uncommon to find planks of thicker or thinner variations. Despite its thickness, installing solid hardwood requires that each piece be nailed or stapled to wooden subflooring.

Style & Texture

Whether it be a traditional or a more casual look, the flooring style of a room contributes greatly to its liveliness. Choosing the right style of hardwood is a matter of preference dependent upon the homeowner’s individual taste and home design. Some wood species offer a modern look, while others are classic and traditional. Designers Touch Decorating Center offers Solid Hardwood Flooring in a variety of different sizes, colors, and textures, and we encourage all of our customers to choose the flooring style that best fits their home and their budget. Popular examples include Oak, Maple, Hickory, Bamboo, Cherry, Walnut, Pine, Birch, and Ash. Each option comes with different maintenance requirements and a unique set of features. It’s important to take color, stain resistance, and durability into consideration when choosing a species for your hardwood flooring that compliments your home décor.

Made to Last a Lifetime

Hardwood flooring is the most luxurious flooring option available. It’s considered the best of the best and adds elegance and character to any home décor. Hardwood floors are not only sophisticated and beautiful, but they increase the value of your home over time, which is especially helpful when selling your home and attracting potential buyers. Designers Touch Decorating Center offers a variety of different hardwood flooring options to allow you to select the perfect flooring for your home.

Harwood flooring comes in three styles:

• Random Width Planks
• Narrow Strips
• Parquet (Random Width Planks)

Hand-Scraped hardwood is the most common choice for textured Hardwood floors. It gives the surface a worn and rustic look that adds warmth and originality to the room. Other textures include: Medallions, Distressing, Mixed Media and Staining.

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